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Mark Keough

Mesa Fire and Medical Department
Retired Operations Deputy Chief
Over a period of several years we developed the MFMD Review Process currently used for reviewing serious accidents, serious injuries, exposures, and close calls. We found the need to learn from these events was more important than determining who or what was to blame.  Fire departments are complex organizations in continuous degregation and adaptation.  Firefighters are work under various types of pressures performing dangerous activities in uncertain, complex, environments.  Reviews should be conducted to understand the context of the incident, and highlight what can be learned about how work is being done.  This 4 hour workshop will use actual events to demonstrate how the review analysis process works and how it helps to build trust between all ranks of your department.  Workshop attendess will be asked to work with the analysis process as they learn to conduct incident reviews.  

Locally I served with the Mesa Fire and Medical Department for 34 years. Nationally, I participated with IFSTA’s Incident Safety Officer manual committee, and served as the contract writer for IFSTA's Fire Department Safety, Health and Wellness manual. I've worked with the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology's Video Quality in Public Safety (VQiPS) Leadership Team. I see great prospects for using immersive 3D learning for command training, EMS training, diesel automotive technician training, and firefighting. I am currently working with W.S. Darley & Company developing 3D marketing for FirstNet Authority. I have a Masters in Public Administration from Anna Maria College in Paxton MA. I've been married to Patti for 36 years, have four adult children, and two grandchildren.