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Bruce Varner

Goodyear AZ
Bruce H. Varner retired December 30, 2010 as the Fire Chief of Santa Rosa (CA) Fire Department having served in that position since May 2004. Chief Varner began his fire service career with the Phoenix (AZ) Fire Department in 1967, promoting through the ranks to Deputy Chief in 1985. He was appointed Fire Chief in Carrollton (TX) in 1992, serving there until 2004. His fire service experience includes administration, operations, communications, safety, airport operations, training, fire prevention and investigations. Chief Varner has taught numerous fire service training classes throughout the United States and is recognized for his expertise in firefighter protective clothing and safety issues. Chief Varner has Associate of Arts Degree in Fire Science and upper division course work at Arizona State University. He is a member of; Arizona Fire Chiefs Association, California Fire Chiefs, Western Fire Chiefs, California State Firefighters Association, National Fire Protection Association, Sonoma County Fire Chiefs, International Association of Fire Chiefs, International Society of Fire Service Instructors, Fire Department Safety Officers Association and a Companion Fellow in the Institution of Fire Engineers. Chief Varner is a Nationally Accredited Chief Fire Officer completing his 3rd re-accreditation in 2010. He is a Blue Card certified IC, Blue Card Instructor and a Master Instructor for the Federal Highways SHRP2 National Traffic Incident Management Responder Training Program. He is Pro-Board certified as a Health Safety Officer and Incident Safety Officer. He is an authorized OHSA instructor for General Industry. Chief Varner also serves as a Health and Safety Advisor for the Avondale, AZ Fire and Medical Fire Department. In addition, he is an International Board Member for the Institution of Fire Engineers and the International President for 2019 – 2020 He remains and active member of the IFE-USA Branch and a member of the Board. Chief Varner is a member of the National Fire Protection Association Technical Correlating Committee on Fire Service Protective Clothing and Equipment and the Technical Committee on Electronic Safety Equipment for Fire and Emergency Services (serving as committee chair from 2002-2012) with responsibilities for NFPA 1982 - Personal Alert Safety Systems, NFPA 1801 - Thermal Imagers, NFPA1802 - Portable Radios and NFPA 1800 – Electronic Safety Equipment. He is a Life member of the NFPA and has been involved in the Protective Clothing and Equipment project since 1985. He is an active member of the IAFC Safety and Health Section. In 2001 he was Fire Chief Magazine’s Career Fire Chief of the year. Chief Varner has served as a subject matter expert on the GLANSER, PHASER and Building Stabilization DHS S & T projects and as a consultant/advisor with the UCLA PHASER Team. He resides in Goodyear, AZ.